Beehive Solutions Managed Vascular Ultrasound Service at Hereford Foot Clinic


Beehive Solutions now offers a vascular managed ultrasound service at Hereford Foot Clinic. Hereford foot clinic have recently purchased a Fotona XP Focus podiatry laser from Beehive Solutions. One of the many applications of this laser is the ability to treat thread veins.

Unfortunately a very high proportion of thread veins have an underlying venous cause. It is this underlying problem that is resulting in the appearance of thread veins. If the Hereford Foot Clinic were to laser treat the thread veins there is a very good chance the veins would return because the cause of the thread veins had not been treated.

Beehive Solutions is providing a full managed vascular ultrasound service at the Hereford Foot clinic which means all thread vein patients are scanned prior to treatment at the clinic practice in Hereford. Following this in depth ultrasound investigation a report is then provided on the day highlighting any problems with the venous system and the recommended treatments.

Some of patients will not have underlying venous disease and so will benefit from the laser thread vein treatment. For the patients who have an underlying cause  they can either proceed with the treatment anyway or opt to be referred to another Beehive Solutions approved clinic that offers other types of treatments like varicose vein surgery at The Body Clinic in Harley street for example of the Skin and Laser clinic in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Beehive Solutions is registered with the care quality commission to provide diagnostic and screening procedures in the UK.

To discuss this option further please either contact Beehive Solutions or contact the Hereford Foot Clinic.

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